SADC Water Science Research Agenda

WaterNet, in collaboration with Global Water Partnership Southern Africa (GWP-SA) and AU/NEPAD SANWATCE Secretariat, on behalf of the SADC Water Division,  convened a workshop on developing a SADC Water Research Agenda, which was preceded by various stakeholder engagements.

The main objective of the establishment of the Research Agenda was to map the way forward regarding the development of a SADC water research agenda. The specific objectives include: determining the degree to which the water research agenda can contribute to SADC‘s overall development agenda; identifying the main research themes that will constitute the research agenda; identifying and describing the research topics for each of the main research themes; and determining the best implementation strategy for the research agenda.

The SADC Water Research Agenda was adopted by SADC ministers for Water in 2015.

<<DOWNLOAD the SADC Water Research Agenda here>>