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Impact of WARFSA

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WE NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE. Do you know any of these researchers?

As from 2014, we have been researching the impact the Water Research Fund for Southern Africa (WARFSA)-programme had during Phase I and II from mid 90s to mid 2000s. This will assist us in developing a robust programme into the future.

Part of the research will include communication with past recipients from the WARFSA programme, but we need your help – we do not have the latest contact information for all past recipients.

If you know any of the following researchers, please click on a name, and a automatic email will be created from where you can complete and send the information you have to us.

  1. Morris Chidavaenzi
  2. Dr. Thomson Sinkala
  3. Caleb Muzariri
  4. Dr David Proudfoot
  5. Keith Japhet Mbata
  6. Deric S. Moono
  7. Eng. Kwinisa Bwanali
  8. Dr. Francis T Gonese
  9. Dr. James Tembo
  10. Dr. Ignatius Ncube
  11. Dr. Lughanouka
  12. Prof Zebedayo Mvena
  13. Ms. M.S. Lugaila
  14. Prof Hezekiel M. Mashala
  15. Prof Mariam Karegero
  16. Suzana da Graca Saranga
  17. Juma Marwa Wickama
  18. Dr. Belda Quetina Mosepele
  19. Dr. Crispen Phiri
  20. Dr. PM Semili
  21. Antony Mamuse
  22. Ms. Sekesai Zhowera 

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