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UPDATE | Emergency measures put in place at Jubilee Hospital to deal with water crisis

Jubilee Hospital in Hammanskraal, Gauteng, has put measures in place – in the form of changes to operations – to deal with its water crisis.

The public hospital, as well as the surrounding community, has been dealing with water shortages since October 25.

“The hospital has been receiving water frequently through tanks since the interruption of water supply,” Gauteng Department of Health spokesperson Kwara Kekana said in a statement on Thursday.

Health MEC Bandile Masuku paid a visit to the hospital on Wednesday afternoon to assess the impact of the water crisis on the hospital and its operations, as well as to provide support to staff and patients.

“We acknowledge and commend the hard work being put by hospital staff during this period. Our priority is to ensure that there is no further interruption of services,” Masuku said.

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As a result of the crisis, the hospital has been receiving water frequently from tanks and the maternity section and theatres have been closed, with only walk-ins being treated at the facility.

“Emergency operations have been transferred to Odi [District] Hospital, with additional help provided by sister hospitals in the Tshwane district,” Kekana said.

In addition, arrangements have been made with the South African National Defence Force (Walmansthal base) to supply the hospital with water through tankers. 

“Service points that are affected will be operational as soon as running water becomes available,” Kekana said.

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UPDATE | Emergency measures put in place at Jubilee Hospital to deal with water crisis
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