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Uganda: Museveni Promises Safe Water, Tarmac for Isingiro

Isingiro — President Museveni has promised to provide safe water sources to people of Bukanga Constituency in Isingiro District and tarmac Isingiro- Ntantamukyi- Rakai road to boost trade in the area.

Bukanga is largely hilly and the terrain cannot allow sinking of boreholes and construction of valley dams. The inhabitants that can afford construct water tanks at their houses while others travel long distances to fetch water from dams and wells in the lowlands.

Mr Museveni who was campaigning in the area last Saturday, said the small water projects that the area leaders said were being implemented would not alleviate the problem of water shortage.

“That issue of water for Isingiro has been on for long. They are talking about small water projects being done, these cannot solve the problem of water for Bukanga,” Mr Museveni said at Katooma in Rugaaga Sub-county where he held his first rally.

He said government would tap water from the nearby River Kagera and push it up the hills. “We shall get water from River Kagera but we have some problem with Tanzania, we wanted to build a power dam on River Kagera but they delayed to agree to the deal, that river is not ours only, it is shared. There is, however, a new leadership (in Tanzania). Let us see how we work with them. If it will not be possible, we shall turn to River Rwizi and Lake Nakivale,” said Mr Museveni.

He did not say when the water and road projects would start. Tarmacking the road is expected to boost trade in bananas and dairy products.

Government recently tarmacked 65 kilometres of Mbarara-Isingiro- Kikagati road. The LC5 NRM flag bearer, Mr Jeremiah Kamurari, asked the President to secure market for livestock and produce for the residents.

The area Member of Parliament, Mr Stephen Kangwagye, asked the President to rein in officials at Nakivale Refugee Settlement Camp to stop confiscating property of the residents on the pretext that they are encroaching ongovernment land.

He also challenged the residents to shun politics based on tribalism and religion.

Mr Museveni asked the residents to reject politician who promote sectarianism, saying the unity that government has been promoting gave birth to peace and development.

Speaking at Citizen High School in Isingiro South Constituency in the evening, Mr Museveni said those politicians that have divided people are now trying to forge a political coalition which he said is fragile and therefore not sustainable and suitable for Uganda.

He likened the political coalition to a dress that has been made by patching pieces from different clothes, implying it does not look attractive

Mr Museveni said the past political coalitions like the one of 1962 between UPC and Kabaka Yekka collapsed, urging Ugandans to keep with the NRM which has stood the test of time.

Mr Museveni added he will not entertain the practice of government officials demanding for collateral security from youth and women before they are loaned money from youth and women funds.

He said this after Ms Justine Ayebazibwe Kashaija, the NRM flag bearer for Isingiro District woman parliamentary seat, said the money has strings attached, which make it difficult for the intended beneficiaries to access the money.

Mr Museveni said: “These are called character loans; It is embarrassing to hear that you are asking for security.We shall not accept, I have told them to stop and it will stop. If they don’t, I will disband them as I did to Naads.”

He said the youth will be given skills that will make them employable.


Uganda: Museveni Promises Safe Water, Tarmac for Isingiro
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