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SABS willing to help municipalities design portable toilet specifications

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) on Monday said it was able and willing to help municipalities design a set of specific requirements for the efficient functioning of portable toilets, chemical or otherwise.

This comes as some municipalities are facing challenges in managing chemical toilets.

The SABS emphasised that the importance of specifications was that testing or verification services could be done against those criteria.

Currently, there is no specific South African National Standard that details the use of chemicals in portable toilets; however, there are several standards, based on international standards, that could be consulted for the development of specific requirements for portable chemical toilets.

The SABS indicated that it had the largest suite of testing laboratories in South Africa and could offer a customised, multidisciplinary testing service to ensure mechanical, chemical, electrical and other elements are supplied according to a stringent set of specifications.

“A safe functioning toilet is required for its impact on public health, human dignity and personal safety, especially for women and children,” the organisation emphasised.

“In South Africa, the eradication of pit toilets and the provision of safe, functioning and efficient toilet systems are required.

“The SABS is integral to ensure that South Africans benefit from standardisation and the assurance from having products tested,” it stated.

Source Article from https://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/sabs-willing-to-help-municipalities-design-portable-toilet-specifications-2019-07-08
SABS willing to help municipalities design portable toilet specifications
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