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SA supplier assists in mitigating Ekurhuleni sewage problem

Local fluid conveyance products and solu- tions provider Incledon has success- fully supplied materials for an emergency sewer upgrade for the Ekurhuleni metropolitan municipality, after aged concrete sewage pipes in parts of Johannesburg’s East Rand had collapsed earlier this year, causing significant spillage into residential and agricultural areas.

The municipality called on Incledon in June to assist in upgrading the emergency sewer infrastructure in the town of Klippoortjie, which had been declared a disaster zone in April, together with certain areas within Roodekop, Katlehong and Wadeville, all in the southern parts of Germiston.

At first, temporary measures were put in place in the form of steel sheeting to prevent accidents from occurring in areas where the old pipeline had already collapsed.

Incledon was asked to urgently supply more than 6 km of 1-m-diameter steel-reinforced high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sewer and drainage pipes for installation in three sections of Klippoortjie, to replace the aged sewage concrete pipes that had been installed more than 60 years ago.

Project Progress

The Klippoortjie emergency project was divided into three phases to manage the allocation of municipal funds and prioritise the areas that were worst affected. Local civil contractor Baatshuba Construction was appointed to install the 6 km, of 1-m-diameter HDPE sewer pipes, on Incledon sales representative Robinson Patji’s referral.

“I have worked with Baatshuba Construction before, which is how I knew that it would be the right company for the job,” says Patji. “It’s not easy to install a large diameter pipe up to 8 m below ground, but Baatshuba Construction had the right equipment and expertise to get the job done.”

Patji also mentions that the spiral-reinforced steel HDPE drainage pipes would allow for more cost-effective handling and quicker installation compared with products traditionally used in the past.

The complete pipeline upgrade is not yet complete. Nevertheless, Patji is confident that the upgrade will continue, once additional funds have been granted.

Further, Ekurhuleni municipality is in the process of compiling tenders for the uprooting and installation of several main sewer lines in other parts of Johannesburg’s East Rand district to prevent similar infrastructure emergencies in the future, says Patji.

Ekurhuleni Water and Sewer Department representative Oupa Matshate has hailed the Klippoortjie emergency sewer project as an overwhelming success. It prevented the risk of private homes sustaining further damage from the spillage and an outbreak of water-borne diseases, environmental degradation and sinkholes.

Matshate notes that the Ekurhuleni municipality will work closely with several additional partners to monitor the state of the environment that was affected by the leakage and will undertake long-term rehabilitation measures where necessary.

The Benefits of Steel-Reinforced HDPE Pipes

Incledon distributes and services the South African Bureau of Standards-approved HDPE sewer pipes, which are made locally at East London-based manufacturer Amanzi Starway. They are reinforced by steel spirals inside the HDPE pipe.

“This is relatively new technology from China, which combines the anticorrosive properties of HDPE pipes with the strength of steel, using a steel-reinforced spiral inside the HDPE pipe,” says Incledon national product manager Kelly Wilson.

“One of the disadvantages of steel is that it rusts and corrodes over time, but with this product, the steel is protected by HDPE. Starway’s pipes, therefore, incorporate the best of both worlds – the strength of steel and HDPE’s ability to prevent corrosion.”

Spiral-reinforced steel HDPE sewer pipes are suitable for sewage conveyance, as the steel-reinforced spiral means the pipes can withstand excessive stress caused by soil settlement, groundwater floating and excessive loads through elastic deformation, which prevents leakage and damage to the joints.

Matshate also points out that the pipes are considerably lighter than many alternative materials on the market. “This eases transport and installation and reduces associated overhead costs,” he says.

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SA supplier assists in mitigating Ekurhuleni sewage problem
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