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Project Implementation Review of the NEPAD STAP

Project Implementation Review of the NEPAD STAP

This report presents an overview of the findings of the third review of the progress made in the implementation of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) Short Term Action Plan (STAP). This report is drawn from the findings detailed in the Project Implementation Status Reports (PISRs) which were prepared following visits to the seven Regional Economic Communities (RECs) to ascertain the current status of the implementation of the STAP projects under their purview.
This report has reviewed the STAP programme by each sector, namely Energy, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Transport and Trans-boundary Water. In each sector the progress of the four types of projects i.e. capacity-building, facilitation, investment and study projects have been analyzed and the key challenges affecting projects in these sectors have been derived. A detailed explanation of the stages of each of these types of projects has been provided in the Annexure. Each of these challenges has been subsequently analyzed and ranked in terms of the severity with which it affects the progress of the NEPAD STAP projects. Possible solutions and institutions for addressing these challenges have also been identified. Lastly, each of the STAP projects has been categorized in order to suggest a way forward and recommendations have been made accordingly.
This review also makes some additional recommendations which can be applied cross sector, and would support stakeholders in fast-tracking the implementation of regional infrastructure projects and programmes. The recommendations have parallels in other countries and have been tailored for Africa.

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