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South African Department of Science and Technology.

South African Department of Science and Technology.

The DST provide funding (2009-2015) to the appointed hub (University of Stellenbosch) to fund the activities of the NEPAD SANWATCE. These ativities include:

  • Manage, administer and further the vision, mission and objectives of the NEPAD SANWATCE network;
  • Designing a process to call for proposals;
  • Designing processes to monitor the scientific progress and output of projects.
  • Direct the scientific and administrative activities of the NEPAD SANWATCE network;
  • Implement strategic plans as well as undertake strategic marketing of the Network;
  • Ensure that network activities are decentralized to member states in terms of planning and implementation in order to enhance maximum utilization of resources;
  • Fund raise in order to secure adequate and stable sources of financing so that the regional network as an organization becomes self-sustaining financially and able to provide support to the Nodes in the region;
  • Foster and promote entrepreneurial values and skills as an integral part of all programmes being provided.

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