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University of Botswana


The University of Botswana is to be a leading academic centre of excellence in Africa and the world


The Mission of the University of Botswana is to improve economic and social conditions for the Nation while advancing itself as a distinctively African university with a regional and international outlook. Specifically, the University will:

  • Provide excellence in the delivery of learning to ensure society is provided with talented, creative and confident graduates
  • Advance knowledge and understanding through excellence in research and its application
  • Improve economic and social development by high impact engagement with business, the professions, government and civil society

The University will fulfill its Vision and Mission by:

Offering quality academic and professional programmes that ensure a commitment to and a mastery of life-long learning skills as well as encouraging a spirit of critical enquiry

Developing a student-centred, intellectually stimulating and technologically advanced teaching, learning and research environment

Producing graduates who are independent, confident, self directed, critical thinkers, professionally competent, reflective practitioners, innovative, socially responsible and thereby marketable and competitive nationally and internationally

Advancing scholarship and generating research through the discovery, integration, dissemination and application of knowledge

Serving as an intellectual and cultural centre that draws upon the nation’s indigenous knowledge base and which promotes Botswana’s social and cultural heritage as well as being a community resource for new ideas, partnerships, and collaborative effort

Providing leadership in responding to the nation’s cultural, economic, political scientific, social, technological and industrial needs and contributing to the qualitative development of Botswana’s higher education system

Extending access to higher education through the utilisation of information and communication technologies, within the framework of life-long and open learning

Recruiting and developing quality staff and students, recognising and valuing the essential contribution they make, as well as rewarding excellence in the work they perform

Promoting the health, social, and spiritual welfare of the University community through a range of policies and programmes and a diversity of positive co-curricula activities and experiences

Enhancing the teaching, learning and research environment through the provision of a proactive style of leadership and management and efficient, effective and quality driven institutional support services.

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