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Call for Flagship Project Proposals – NEPAD SANBio

Southern Africa Network for Biosciences (NEPAD-SANBio) has launched an open call for funding of flagship projects in the SADC region.


Up to ZAR 4.5 million will be disbursed per Flagship project.

Applications for the Flagship Project Grants should be in line with the following priority areas:

Human health:
  • Diagnostics, e.g. point-of-care or surveillance
  • Food safety
  • E-health/M-health
  • Genomics, e.g. host-pathogen interactions
  • Food drug interactions (relevant tools/services and not studies)
  • Herb drug interactions (relevant tools/services and not studies)
  • Food allergies (relevant tools/services and not studies)


It is widely recognises stunted growth is one of the key challenges in Africa and particularly the SADC region. In addition, Anaemia is a major problem for children under 5 and pregnant women. As such, solutions proposed in the impact area of nutrition should include alternative sources of protein, micronutrients and carbohydrates, e.g. promotion on nutrient-rich foods targeting women and children. The main thematic areas in nutrition that concept notes of applicants should cover include:
  • Food handling and processing, e.g. improved handling and storage, technologies to ensure availability throughout the year
  • Value addition of indigenous foods and neglected foods – nutritional value of indigenous & neglected foods e.g. vegetables integrated into food
  • Food and drink industry in providing healthy and safe products

Health-related Agriculture issues:

  • Animal health (therapeutics and diagnostics)
  • Aquaculture (fish farming technologies)
More information, application guidelines and the necessary forms can be found on our website at http://www.nepadsanbio.org/grants/flagship-grants.html

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