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Calculator to estimate daily water use

With South Africa classified as a water-stressed country, owing to its receiving an average of about 492 mm/y of rainfall, water utility Rand Water’s environmental brand Water Wise’s water calculator provides users with an estimate of how much water is used in daily activities.

Water Wise researcher Samanta Stelli notes that the calculator will soon be live on Rand Water’s website.

She notes that, based on market research conducted from 2008 to 2016 through surveys, most people are not aware of their actual water use. To create awareness around water use, the calculator was developed to help individuals understand their water consumption, she adds.

“The calculator poses a set of questions such as how many times a day do you wash your hands, how many times a day do you flush the toilet and whether you have a swimming pool.”

After all the questions are completed, the calculator shows how much water is being consumed daily in kilolitres and litres, the percentage of water that is being used on every activity in the form of a chart and how much water is consumed in a month, as well as the monthly cost, which is based on the average for Johannesburg, Gauteng.

“The results help you to understand your municipal account, identify where water is being used and pinpoint high water-use activities to help households reduce water consumption.”

Stelli highlights that the calculator should not be used to determine exact water use, but rather as a measuring tool to create awareness regarding wasteful water use and how to reduce your water use.

Water Wise research coordinator Meagan Donnelly says the company will also soon start a pilot study using the calculator involving 250 participants from a specific municipality over a six-month period.

“During this study, participants will be encouraged to use the calculator once a month and compare the results with those on their actual municipal account, and refine the validity and accuracy of the calculator.”

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Calculator to estimate daily water use
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