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Policy Impact Sub-Committee (PISC)

Role of the PISC.

The NEPAD Water Centres of Excellence has a AMCOW/AMCOST mandate to assist governments in establishing sound scientific researched policy. This can be achieved through policy briefs-, guidelines and information that is backed by scientific research.

The main role of the NEPAD Southern African Network of Water Centres of Excellence (SANWATCE) PISC is to be the eyes and ears in terms of policy impact for the Network.

Policy Briefs.

As a first objective, the PISC would focus on policy briefs. Network institutions identify and solicit applications, which is then assessed by the PISC. The secretariat provides a standard template for the Policy Brief application. Once the applications are assessed by the PISC, the secretariat will assist applicants to prepare Policy Briefs on a standard NEPAD SANWATCE template, for approval by the PISC, which, once approved, is then forwarded to NEPAD and other relevant government authorities.

Members of the NEPAD SANWATCE PISC are:

  1. Prof. Jaqui Goldin (Uiversity of the Western Cape – South Africa)
  2. Prof. BP Parida (University of Botswana)
  3. Dr. Harrison Pienaar (CSIR – South Africa)
  4. Dr. Samson Sajidu (University of Malawi)
  5. Me. Chimwemwe Chamdimba (NEPAD Science, Technology and Innovation Hub – NSTIH)



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